with Francesca Giaconi, Ornella Esposito, Rossana Dolfi

The workshop is addressed to teens from 14 to 18 years old who wish to cultivate their passion or curiosity for the theatre. The theatre with its group dynamics and interaction helps teens to communicate with others and with themselves.

It is helpful in ridding inhibitions by cheerfully allowing the flowering of personality while understanding and overcoming limitations of character by facing their insecurities head on.

Timetable: Three courses to activated

Tuesday 18.15 – 20.15 with Rossana Dolfi
Wednesday 18.00 ‚Äď 20.00 with Ornella Esposito

Thursday 18.00 – 20.00 with Francesca Giaconi
Friday 17.30 Р19.30  with Francesca Giaconi

Friday 17.30 Р19.30  with Rossana Dolfi

Price: 50 ‚ā¨ / month

Francesca Giaconi
Actress, founding member of il Funaro and cultural operator, is devoted to theater research for many years while at the same time training. He has worked with Enrique Vargas and Teatro De Los Sentidos. She is part of the Research Group led by Enrique Vargas at il Funaro.

Ornella Esposito
She is actress and director involved with training and multimedia theatre. She studied with the MM of O. Costa, Maria Grazia Cipriani, Pippo Delbono, Vladimir Olshansky, Enrique Vargas, Nikolaj Karpov. She studied the pedagogical method voice / body by Kaya Anderson of the Roy Hart Theatre

Rossana Dolfi

Educator, she was Ludobus’s animator for the municipality of Pistoia.
He studied among others with Duccio Bellugi Vannuccini, Cristiana Morganti andKenji Takagi.
She is part part of the Research Group led by Enrique Vargas at il Funaro.

In 2011 she¬†worked¬†with the Teatro¬†de los¬†Sentidos¬†in ‚ÄúOracles‚ÄĚ by EnriqueVargas¬†at il¬†Funaro.

For over 10 years she has led theater workshops for children and teens since 2006and works regularly at Funaro.