Since 2010 Cristiana Morganti has undertaken her career as soloist dancer and choreographer “independent” from Pina Bausch Tanztheater.

From then on, il Funaro has accompanied Cristiana’s new direction, producing all of her new performances and making available their resources for the creation of the following pieces:

Moving with Pina (2010), Jessica and me (2014), A Fury Tale (2016), Another round for five (2019).

Alongside these performances, Cristiana Morganti has created three choreographies for the Conservatoire Nationale Superieure of Paris and the piece They didn’t know where to leave me for the Company Aterballetto.
As acknowledgment for her achievements, she has been awarded 3 prestigious awards: in 2011 the Positano Leonide Massine Prize as Best Contemporary Dancer of the year, in 2014 the Danza & Danza Award as Best Dancer/Choreographer and in 2020 the Prix du Syndicat Professionel de la Critique française for her performance in Moving with Pina.

These last few years have certainly seen Cristiana protagonist of an array of activities. Highly received by critics and audiences alike, her performances are continuously on tour in Europe and abroad. Among her teaching activities, Cristiana Morganti curates every year a program of workshops for professional dancers and actors in il Funaro – Pistoia.


On this link please find:

– video and informations on

  Moving with Pina, Jessica and me, A Fury Tale, Another Round for Five

– new and up-to-date touring schedule

– Cristiana Morganti’s biography

Italian Distributor Roberta Righi

International management Aldo Grompone



SEASON 2021 / 2022

20 September 2021 IN ANOTHER PLACE – première – Paris (FR) – Musée de l’Orangerie 

6 October 2021 JESSICA AND ME Salamanca (ES) Festival FACYL – Teatro Liceo

9 / 10 October 2021 JESSICA AND ME Kuopio (FIN) Kuopio Dance Festival – City Theater

27 / 28 October 2021 MOVING WITH PINA Pistoia (IT) – Teatro Bolognini

30 / 31 October 2021 JESSICA AND ME Pistoia (IT) – il Funaro Centro Culturale

3 November 2021 MOVING WITH PINA Pesaro (IT) Teatro Sperimentale

6 November 2021 MOVING WITH PINA Padua (IT) Teatro Verdi

14 November 2021 MOVING WITH PINA Treviso (IT) Teatro Del Monaco

19 November 2021 MOVING WITH PINA Foligno (IT) Auditorio San Domenico

21 November 2021 MOVING WITH PINA Perugia (IT) Teatro Morlacchi

3/4 December 2021 Open Rehearsal of ANOTHER ROUND FOR FIVE Pistoia (IT) il Funaro
29 December 2021 IN ANOTHER PLACE – Italian premiere – Pistoia (IT) – il Funaro

5 January 2022 MOVING WITH PINA Narbonne (FR) Théâtre Cinema

8/9 January 2022 MOVING WITH PINA Calais (FR) Le Channel

11 January 2022 MOVING WITH PINA Val de Reuil (FR) Théâtre de L’Arsenal

19 February 2022 ANOTHER ROUND FOR FIVE Rome (IT) – Sala Petrassi – Festival Equilibrio

1/2 April 2022 ANOTHER ROUND FOR FIVE Genova (IT) – Teatro della Corte – Ivo Chiesa

5/ 6/ 7/ 8 May 2022 ANOTHER ROUND FOR FIVE Prato (IT) – Il Fabbricone



direction and choreography Cristiana Morganti – performers Justine Lebas, Antonio Montanile, Damiaan Veens, Anna Wehsarg, Ophelia Young 

artistic collaboration Kenji Takagi – light design Jacopo Pantani – rehearsal assistants Elena Copelli Anna Wehsarg – music editing Bernd Kirchhoefer technical director Simone Mancini – production il Funaro | Pistoia in co-production with Fondazione Campania dei Festival, Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa, Teatro Metastasio di Prato, Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese, Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni and Ma Scène Nationale – Pays De Montbeliard


duration: 90’ mins, one act

The five protagonists of ANOTHER ROUND FOR FIVE find themselves in an undefined place, maybe a club, a circle. Definitely, a place one belongs to, or is excluded from, where rituals are performed; the setting of a television show, of games, of group therapy sessions; a place for discussions, clashes and confessions. The five come together in a circle, as if attracted by the illusion of a fleeting sense of harmony, impossible to maintain.

On a starkly plain set, where a handful of objects appear and disappear, we witness the manifestation of a new realm which induces laughter as much as an eerie sense of claustrophobia, and where, to the rhythm of flashbacks and premonitions, a game is played out that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, the conscious and the unconscious, equilibrium and chaos.

Cristiana Morganti approaches her stage direction like a cinematographer, creating camera angles that move from close ups to long and sequence shots, alternating moments of dance – powerful and fierce – with pure drama; comical, touching, and where each character revealsthemselfwith disarming honesty. Throughout the development of the performance, the five characters become more and more defined, singular in their individuality, but tightly linked to one another. The dramaturgical structure is sustained by the musical score, punctuated by motives that come back in cycles, accentuating the repetition or variation of certain scenes. The musical choice spans genres, between the timeless sacred music of Pergolesi, the heavy beats of German industrial-techno composer Florian Kupfer, all the way to classic pop hits such as Irene Cara’s “What a Feelin’”.




concept, direction and choreography Cristiana Morganti

performers Breanna O’Mara, Anna Wehsarg, Anna Fingerhuth

artistic collaboration Kenji Takagi light design Jacopo Pantani video Connie Prantera music editing Bernd Kirchhoefer

rehearsal assistant Sabine Rivière technical director Simone Mancini light technician Sgommino Berselli

sound-video technician Simone Mancini produced by il Funaro – Pistoia and Cristiana Morganti

in co-production with Festival Aperto / Fondazione I Teatri – Reggio Emilia

in collaboration with AMAT & Civitanova Danza per Civitanova Casa della Danza

with the support of The City of Wuppertal and Jackstädt Stiftung – Wuppertal (DE)

duration: 75’ without interval

In A FURY TALE, Cristiana Morganti does not dance, but sits firmly in her director’s chair. Allowing in this way for a greater critical distance, she entrusts the interpretation of the piece to the presence and physicality of two dancers. Both women are tall with red hair and pale skin, and both look alike but also differ. To them Cristiana Morganti confers the task of representing her reflections – perceptive, ironic and at times nearly self-deprecating – on the nature of female-hood and its multifaceted aspects: rivalry/friendship, neurosis/candour, unpredictability/mundanity, belligerence/serenity.

The narrative of the piece breathes its life-force through these powerful antitheses. It creates a narrative universe which is both mysterious and hypnagogic, graciously balancing on the tightrope between realism and fantasy. We are led through this landscapes by the interpreters, who are at times magical creatures, canny and wild, but who suddenly step out of their stage personas to offer glimpses of their true life-experiences, as both women and dancers. As the title suggests, one of the leading thread is the feeling of rage, which is revealed in its dualism, in its destructive power or as vital force.

On a set as white as a blank canvas onto which stroboscopic lights, videos and colours explode like fireworks, the two dancers meet, move and interact and tell their personal tales. The dialogue between the dancers and the choreographer is ever present: it forms part of the story, as Cristiana interrogates her interpreters in order to reveal their intimate relation between themselves and the director.Cristiana pushes this dynamic further and, as she watches the story unfolding from above, with her complicit and ironic gaze, she walks onto the stage for a brief moment as if to pause the spectacle and reveal to the audience the fragility of the presumed fourth wall. Like the invisible line between stage and audience, we can cross the boundaries between autobiography and artifice, real life and fiction. The frenzied rhythm of the scene-changes, made by stark cuts reminiscent of a cinematographic editing style, is accompanied by rich musical textures that range with equally feverish rhythms from punk-rock to Bach.




choreography and performance Cristiana Morganti

artistic collaboration Gloria Paris light design Laurent P. Berger

video Connie Prantera music consultancy Kenji Takagi

music editing Bernd Kirchhoefer technical director Simone Mancini

light technician Sgommino Berselli audio/video technician Simone Mancini

production il Funaro | Pistoia in collaboration with Fondazione I Teatri – Reggio Emilia

duration: 60’ without interval

“Do you want me to dance, or do you want me to talk?“

Behind the question that Cristiana Morganti puts to her audience lies the key to understanding Jessica an Me. In this piece, the long-standing soloist of the Pina Bausch Tanztheater of Wuppertal has reached a crucial moment in her professional development and is finally taking time out to reflect on herself, her relationship with her body and with the art of dance. She asks what it means “to be on stage” and examines the distinction between “the other” and “the self” which theatre inevitably creates. The answer is a sort of Self-portrature told in two voices, those of the inner self (Me) and of her alter-ego (Jessica), in which, with piquant irony, Cristiana reveals a dancer’s on- and off-stage life journey, using a patchwork of gestures, shadows, muscles, tenacious grit and gentle irreverence, past memories and visions of the future.

LONG TRAILER ( 3 mins ) https: //


AFP Agence France Presse

DRAFF MAGAZINE Documentary on Jessica and Me



A lecture performance on the poetry, technique and creativity of Pina Bausch

created and performed by Cristiana Morganti

technical director Simone Mancini production il Funaro | Pistoia

With the consent and support of Pina Bausch Foundation/Wuppertal

duration: 75’ without interval

In her lecture performance MOVING WITH PINA Cristiana Morganti, from 1993 to 2014 soloist dancer with PINA BAUSCH’S TANZTHEATER WUPPERTAL, invites us to a journey through the universe of Pina Bausch, seen from the perspective of a dancer. How is a solo constructed? What is the connection between motion and emotion? How do dancer and scenography relate to each other? When does a gesture become dance? And above all: what creates the magical and mysterious relationship between artist and spectator?

Demonstrating her insights with extracts of the Tanztheater repertory, Cristiana Morganti tells us about her personal and artistic experience with the legendary German choreographer and let’s us discover how much devotion, imagination and care for detail are involved in Pina Bausch’s unique movement language.



CRISTIANA MORGANTI is a dancer and choreographer.

She obtained her degree in Classical Dance at the National Dance Academy in Rome and in Modern Dance at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. She furthered her performative education following workshops with the ODIN TEATRET of Eugenio Barba. Following her studies, Cristiana collaborated with a number of established choreographers such as Susanne Linke, Urs Dietrich, Felix Ruckert and with the company NEUER TANZ. From 1993 until 2014, Cristiana Morganti was soloist dancer with PINA BAUSCH’S TANZTHEATER WUPPERTAL, starring in Pedro Almodovar’s “TALK TO HER” (2001) and in Wim Wenders’ “PINA” (2011).

In 2010, Cristiana Morganti created her homage to Pina Bausch: the lecture-performance MOVING WITH PINA. She received in 2011 the Positano Leonide Massine Award as Best Contemporary Dancer of the Year. From there on MOVING WITH PINA was constantly on tour with dates in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Cile, Argentina.

She collaborated several years with the Conservatoire Superieure de Paris where she created three choreographies: OUT OF TWELVE (2012), SACRÉ PRINTEMPS! (2013), PETIT RÊVE ( 2017).

For her piece JESSICA AND ME created in 2014, which sees her again as Choreographer and Interpreter, Cristiana has been awarded the Critic Award Danza & Danza as best Interpreter/Choreographer. JESSICA AND ME has since been presented in over 50 cities with performances in prestigious festivals such as Dublin Dance Festival (Dublin) , Biennale de la Danse ( Lyon ), Théâtre des Abbesses / Théâtre de la Ville ( Paris ), The Place ( London ), Festival Tanz im August ( Berlin ), Dansens Hus ( Stockholm ), Festival Bipod ( Beirut ), Euro Scene ( Leipzig ).

JESSICA AND ME is still touring internationally, as well as her following piece, A FURY TALE: a full evening Duo for two star dancers from the Pina Bausch Company that Cristiana Morganti created in 2016. In 2017 she created for well known italian company ATERBALLETTO the piece THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO LEAVE ME and in summer 2018 she works for the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Silvio d’Amico in Rome creating the performace SENZA BUSSARE ( Without knocking ) presented then in the frame of the International Festival of Spoleto (IT).

Her latest work ANOTHER ROUND FOR FIVE has premiered in Napoli in December 2019 and is currently on tour.




JESSICA AND ME  1 / 2  July 2021 – Ludwigshafen (DE) Theater Am Pfalzbau

MOVING WITH PINA  14 July 2021 – Brescia (IT) Teatro Grande

MOVING WITH PINA  29 / 30 August 2021 – Moscow (RU) Neglinka 29 Theater

MOVING WITH PINA  2 September 2021 – Saint Petersburg (RU) Alexandrinsky Theater

PERFORMANCE SITE SPECIFIC (première) 20 September 2021 – Paris (FR) Musée de l’Orangerie

SEASON 2018 – 2019

JESSICA AND ME 16 September 2018 – Jonkoping / Sweden – Kulturhuset Spira

JESSICA AND ME 19 September 2018 – Umea / Sweden – Norrlandsoperan

JESSICA AND ME 22 September 2018 – Pitea / Sweden – Christinasalen

JESSICA AND ME 25 / 26 September 2018 – Malmö / Sweden – Dansstationen

JESSICA AND ME 29 September 2018 – Uppsala / Sweden – Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

JESSICA AND ME 9 October 2018 – Vasteras / Sweden – Vasteras Konserthus

JESSICA AND ME 11 October 2018 – Karlskrona / Sweden – Konserthusteatern

JESSICA AND ME 13 October 2018 – Vaxjo / Sweden – Regionteatern

MOVING WITH PINA 26 / 27 October 2018 – Milano / Italy -Teatro dell’Arte /Triennale

MOVING WITH PINA 3 November 2018 – Girona / Spain -Teatro de Salt / Temporada Alta

JESSICA AND ME 16 November 2018 – Torino / Italy – Lavanderia a Vapore

JESSICA AND ME 28 November 2018 – Pavia / Italy – Teatro Fraschini

MOVING WITH PINA 11 December 2018 – Belfort / France – Le Granit

MOVING WITH PINA 26 e 27 January 2019 – Buenos Aires / Argentina – Teatro de la Rivera

MOVING WITH PINA 2 February 2019 – Pordenone / Italy – Teatro Verdi

JESSICA AND ME 19 / 20 February 2019 – Lieusaint Sénart / France – Théatre Sénart

A FURY TALE 8 March 2019 – Torino – Teatro Astra

MOVING WITH PINA 22 e 23 March 2019 – Oporto / Portogal – Teatro Rivoli

A FURY TALE 27 March 2019 – Padova / Italy -Teatro Verdi

A FURY TALE 29 March 2019 – Venezia / Italy Teatro Goldoni

A FURY TALE 4 April 2019 – Montbeliard / France – Le Theatre

MOVING WITH PINA 3 / 4 May 2019 – Ludwigshafen / Germany -Theater im Pfalzbau / Hinterbuhne

JESSICA AND ME 14 / 15 May 2019 – Oldenburg / Germany – Exerzierhalle / Festival Internationale Tanztage

A FURY TALE 17 / 18 May 2019 – Oldenburg / Germany – Exerzierhalle / Festival Internationale Tanztage

MOVING WITH PINA 8 June 2019 – Napoli / Italy – Museo Madre/ Napoli Teatro Festival

MOVING WITH PINA 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 June 2019 – Paris / France – Theatre des Abbesses

MOVING WITH PINA 6 July 2019 – Bergamo / Italy -Teatro Sociale

SEASON 2017 – 2018

MOVING WITH PINA 8 September 2017 Città di Castello/Italy – Festival delle Nazioni /Teatro degli Illuminati

JESSICA AND ME 10 November 2017 Montbeliard / France – MA Scene Nationale

JESSICA AND ME 17 November 2017 Brescia/Italy – Teatro Grande

MOVING WITH PINA 25 November 2017 Cremona /Italy – Teatro Ponchielli

JESSICA AND ME 1 / 2 / 3 December 2017 Milano/Italy Teatro dell’Arte (Triennale di Milano)

JESSICA AND ME 6 December 2017 Saint Michel Sur Orge/France – Espace Marcel Carné

MOVING WITH PINA 13 / 14 / 15 January 2018 Santiago de Cile / Cile – XXV Edicion Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil

MOVING WITH PINA 7 March 2018 Bologna/Italy – La Soffitta

A FURY TALE 10 March 2018 Bologna/Italy – Arena del Sole

A FURY TALE 13 March 2018 Cremona/Italy – Teatro Ponchielli

A FURY TALE 15 March 2018 Vicenza/Italy – Teatro Comunale

A FURY TALE 17 March 2018 Pesaro/Italy – Teatro Rossini

MOVING WITH PINA 24 / 25 March 2018 Madrid / Spain- Teatro del Canal

JESSICA AND ME 6 / 7 April 2018 Stockholm / Sweden – Dansens Hus

JESSICA AND ME 17 April 2018 Beirut / Libanon- Festival BIPOD

JESSICA AND ME 12 May 2018 Calais / France – Le Channel

SEASON 2016 – 2017

A FURY TALE Anteprima 6 August 2016 – Civitanova Marche/Italy – Teatro Annibal Caro / Festival Civitanova Danza

JESSICA AND ME 20 / 21 September 2016 Valence / France- Theatre la Comédie de Valence

JESSICA AND ME 24 / 25 / 27 September 2016 Lyon / France – Biennale de la Danse – Theatre la Croix-Rousse

JESSICA AND ME 29 / 30 September /1 Ottobre 2016 Clermont Ferrand/ France – Theatre la Comédie

JESSICA AND ME 4 October 2016 Villefontaine/France – Théâtre du Vellein

JESSICA AND ME 6 / 7 October 2016 Marseille/France – Theatre Le Merlan

A FURY TALE Premiére 25 / 26 October 2016 Reggio Emilia/Italy – Teatro La Cavallerizza/Festival Aperto

MOVING WITH PINA 8 / 9 December 2016 Berlino / Germany – Martin Gropius Bau – in the frame of the exhibition „Pina Bausch und das Tanztheater”

JESSICA AND ME 17 January 2017 Angers / France – Centre National de Danse Contemporaine

JESSICA AND ME 16 – ​24 May 2017 Parigi /France – Théâtre des Abbesses (Théâtre de la Ville)

JESSICA AND ME 10 June 2017 London / United Kingdom – The Place

A FURY TALE 21 June 2017 Pistoia/Italy – Teatro Manzoni

MOVING WITH PINA 7 / 8 July 2017 Stoccarda/Germany – Colours international Dance Festival

JESSICA AND ME 19 / 20 August 2017 Berlin / Germany – Hebbel Theater – Festival Tanz Im August

SEASON 2015 – 2016

JESSICA AND ME 22 / 23 October 2015 Genua /Italy – Teatro dell’Archivolto – Sala Mercato

JESSICA AND ME 31 October 2015 Cagliari / Italy- Teatro Massimo

JESSICA AND ME 12 /13/14/15 November 2015 Venice / Italy – Teatro Goldoni

JESSICA AND ME 16 February 2016 Casalecchio di Reno / Italy – Teatro Comunale

JESSICA AND ME 18 February 2016 Scandiano / Italy – Teatro Boiardo

JESSICA AND ME 20 February 2016 Vicenza / Italy – Teatro Comunale

JESSICA AND ME 2 Marche 2016 Cremona / Italy – Teatro Ponchielli

JESSICA AND ME 20 / 21 May 2016 Dublino / Irland – Dublin Dance Festival

SEASON 2014 – 2015

JESSICA AND ME 11/12 October 2014 Reggio Emilia / Italy- Teatro Cavallerizza

JESSICA AND ME 5 December 2014 Rimini / Italy – Teatro Ermete Novelli

JESSICA AND ME 7 December 2014 Modena / Italy – Teatro Le Passioni

JESSICA AND ME 11/12 December 2014 Pistoia / Italy – il Funaro

JESSICA AND ME 21 Februar 2015 Perugia / Italy – Teatro Solomeo

JESSICA AND ME 24 Februar 2015 Rome / Italy – Festival Equilibrio

JESSICA AND ME 5 March 2015 Piacenza / Italy – Teatro Gioia

JESSICA AND ME 7 March 2015 Civitanova Marche / Italy – Teatro Annibal Caro

JESSICA AND ME 9/10 April 2015 Turin / Italy – Teatro Astra