Stone words

with Gianni Cascone

The workshop is aimed at all those who wish to cultivate writing as personal expression and range of cultural comparison. Writing is an act of expression but also requires tools and craft courses. Like the cathedrals of the Middle Ages were the result of creativity and craftsmanship of many individualities, so it may be the novel a large construction group, to which anyone can contribute with their talents. The art forms of the Network, including the contemporary narrative, recall to life the size of a collective mind that exceeds the limits of individuality: it is a way to express themselves and learn techniques together, a way to go farther. In this session, the writing workshop will venture into this new territory to create a collection of short stories. Those who will come are invited to be accompanied by a character.

Timetable: Wednesday 20.00 – 22.00

Price: 50 € / month

Gianni Cascone

Writer and director, founded in 1991 the Writing Workshop Grafio in Prato, one of the earliest and most interesting experiences of the sector in Italy, creating and conducting the International Festival of Literature Forms of Narration (1999-2010).
He wrote the piece Carne rossa carne nera staged in 2008 by Alessio Boni and Marcello Prayer. He published with the artist Frank Breidenbruch, the short novel 1,2,3 beginning with the darkest dream. In 2004 he published the novel North Quadrant.
Since 2002 he leads the writing workshop for the Cultural Centre The Funaro. With the composer Andrea Bears at Imola since 2006 organizes the festival of music and literature Confluenze.
He’s jury member of the National Award “Caffè Moak” in Modica.