with Ornella Esposito

use of voice and diction by Loriano Della Rocca

This lab is for students who have already attended the first two years of training at il Funaro and for those with training from other experiences.

The lab is divided into two parts: one led by Ornella Esposito, every Wednesday evening, and the other led by Della Rocca Loriano that will address specifically the issue of vocal, the third Monday of each month.
It requires a higher commitment and responsibility.
For the final open demonstration it is important that each group member takes part in all the  production stages of the drama project (research and design of the set design, research of the music and sounds, lights and attention to plan the costumes and trick plays) .

Timetable: Wednesday 20.30 – 23.00


use of voice and diction : tuesday 9 february, tuesday 23 february, tuesday 9 march, tuesday 23 march, tuesday 6 april, tuesday 20 april 2017 

Price: 70€ / month