with Rossana Dolfi and Sara Balducci

The workshops are addressed to children from 6 to 10 years with the intention of approaching the world of theater through simple and fun methods. The theater is fantasy, fable, mystery play, a place where curiosity and creativity of children come to life.

Timetable: Four ongoing courses:
Monday 17.00 / 18.15 with sara Balducci

Tuesday 17.00 / 18.15 with R. Dolfi 
Wednesday 17.00 / 18.15 with R. Dolfi

Wednesday 17.00 / 18.15 with E. Consagra e C. Prestia

Price: 40 € / month

Rossana Dolfi

Educator, she was Ludobus’s animator for the municipality of Pistoia.
He studied among others with Duccio Bellugi Vannuccini, Cristiana Morganti and Kenji Takagi.
It is part part of the Research Group led by Enrique Vargas at il Funaro.
In 2011 she worked with the Teatro de los Sentidos in “Oracles” by Enrique Vargas at il Funaro.
For over 10 years she has led theater workshops for children and teens since 2006 and works regularly at Funaro.

Sara Balducci

Graduated in the three-year course of clinical and community psychology, graduated as a dance movement therapist at the Italian Art therapy school, working as educator since 2002. She studied theater with Ornella Esposito, E. Vargas, Graziano Piazza addition to deepening aspects of theater dance with A. Restrepo, Cristiana Morganti and Laura Marini.

Elisa Consagra
Actress, director and clown works is involved in theater and in illusionism. She studied with the MIM Orazio Costa, with Maria Cassi and Leonardo Brizzi, Gaddo Bagnoli, Loriano della Rocca, N. Karpov, Nola Rae, Novogo Fronta. She studied singing with Stefania Scarinzi and Francesca Della Monica, contemporary dance with Simona Bucci, Paolo Mereu and Charlotte Zerbey, clowning with Vladimir Olshansky and Jean Méningault. Since 1999 she has worked as a clown for the Soccorso Clown Association of Florence. Since 2003 works as an actress with the theater company Piccoli Principi of Florence. Since 2000 she produces, direct and  perform shows for children.

Christian Prestia
Actor, mime, clown, dancer and wader. He studied theater with Mamadou Dioume, Moni Ovadia, Loriano Della Rocca, Luciano Vasilicò, Novogo Fronta, Elena Bucci and Marco Sgrosso, Michele Monetta, Claudio Morganti and N. Karpov. He graduated from the ”corso di formazione superiore per l’attore di prosa Humana fiction” by ERT, Emilia Romagna Teatro. He studied singing and vocal with Imke Bucholtz and Gabriella Bartolomei, contemporary dance with Simona Bucci, Paolo Mereu, and Charlotte Zerbey , clowning with Vladimir Olshansky and Jean Méningault. Since 2001 he works as wader and clown.